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Freshly made sauces: This is our credibleresource that we deal in freshly brewed ingredients. We intend to make them home even more appropriate under the influence of proper temperature and ingredients balancing. Our team is quiet efficient with their work regarding the preparation of pizza sauces and also the excessive topping. We grow mushrooms in a fair quantity too that makes them quite juicy and edible.

Mobile wood fired old style pizza baking: Our specialty includes that we bake in wood fired ovens and that gives quite a vintage feeling of good old days pizza treats. This is our prime ability by which we are quite proud of that we make sure that the taste of our pizza treats never goes away. We make possible amount of dough and the toppings stock is also kept ready for the fresh pizza making process on the event spot. Pizza is one of those treats that is always tasty when it’s eaten with saucy cheese and stuffed toppings and plus also it’s warm and fresh. We are quite aware of pizza party catering in parramatta which our customers might ask for in their pizza and with that we keep all the good things in our head and we make pizza fresh and properly baked.

We cater for many events at a time: We currently have a specified number of people in our team and they also help us with the deliveries and also with the events we are call upon. People like this idea of the mobile pizza truck and they call us to the exact spot rather than ordering pizza and they keep the orders and we make fresh hot and balanced spiced pizza right on the spot. We are called on multiple events and we keep our preparations regarding every little thing including our pizza crockery and also seating that depends upon the type of event we are being called too. We make sure that our customers feel at peace and also the event is managed by the help of our amazing staff members who keep all the tracks of the event requirements. We intend to manage as many events at a time during the high times of Christmas or others just in case to never avoid any of the public deal.

Certified to Australian regulations: It is one of the necessary part of our business and we have really made sure of the authenticity of our company. We made sure to reach out to maximum number of people and our mobile pizza treat services is legal and approved by the government. For more pizza catering services visit here