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WHAT a fabulous time with Candy Gold on her Neighborhood Cooking Newton Cable TV show – You are  a gracious host, food connoiseur and terrific producer – thank you!

So proud to mark this milestone – to be featured in the very prestigious and highly acclaimed Edible Boston Magazine- Spring 2013!!!

Many thanks to Andrea for capturing it beautifully in words  and to Katie for her fabulous photos. The interview and photo shoot  was alot of fun and  I  am so grateful.

I hope you enjoy my interview in the April 5, 2013 edition of which interviews entrepreneurs from all walks, across all industries, and from around the world.  The primary focus of is entrepreneurship.and is the abbreviation for Modus Operandi or Method of Operating .

T’ART is a nice alternative to apple pie, apple cake and apple crisp! For a burst of rich color, throw in some cranberries!  And T’ART always makes a great hostess gift along with T’ART pan For me, it all started when I began bringing my T’ART mix along with the other ingredients and spring form pan to our dear friend’s home in Falmouth, MA. It was an easy – no fuss dessert to make on the spot, smelled and looked delicious, and best of all, everyone loved it. T’ART pairs “art” with “TART” and your fanciful and creative combinations of fruit –and it also works really well with savory vegetables. And so, it was not long before the fruit T’ART became my signature dessert for all occasions. One summer evening while we were sitting around eating a delicious peach T’ART topped with vanilla ice cream another friend suggested I package this idea. We spent hours that weekend exploring the possibilities – tossing around product names, places to market T’ART and what other food treasures I could offer. Although it has taken my family several years to convince me to pursue this dream, I am pleased to share this mix with you today. I know that no matter what kind of baker you are, you will love making T’ART and delighting your family and friends.

The Boston Globe featured T’ART on November 1, 2011 saying it is an easy, elegant dessert – and no one will guess it started with a mix! Click here to check out the write up from The Nibble, the online gourmet food magazine news story and  . Dare to Dream – check out my story on Whitney Johnsons’ blog. And I really enjoyed Isabelle’s blog on The Art of the T’ART. And meeting Myrna at  Mass Innovation Foodies event on August 9, 2012, lef to  The PescoVegetarian Times blog about T’ART’s light,moist and buttery texture  and tour my new how to make T’ART video from in time to enjoy the apple season!!    Alison’s new Green with Renvy blog on T’ART-Your Entertaining Secret Weapon is a great story about T’ART! She writes “directions couldn’t be easier. Simply add eggs, butter and fruit to the all natural mixture to create a delicious desert in minutes. Add a little ice cream or yogurt when serving and this no fuss winner will get rave reviews. It’s a great staple to have in your pantry when unexpected friends drop by, or you’ve been invited for dinner.”  Linda

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